What The Fans Are Saying

"This album is an absolute treasure. All tracks are strong, each close miked and guitar vocal clear and emotive. Witness is a stand out track - for me - but all are tuneful and easy to fall in love with. A brilliant recording. Why cant I get it here in the UK?"
- Colin Mason, United Kingdom
"It's a great CD! I love the style and the voice!! Just awesome!"
- Dee Rudnick, Cleveland, OH
"I saw Marc perform in Pittsburgh a couple months ago opening for Rob Thomas. He was awesome! "One of These days" is one of my favorite songs! I'm actually doing a dance to it for my dance company! thanks for the inspiration!"
- Stephanie Jacob, Pittsburgh, PA
"Marc's music blew me away. Bluesy, Simon and Garfunkel-y, and yet contemporary."
- Beth, Tampa, FL
"Saw this guy open for Rob Thomas when his opening band canceled and he was FANTASTIC! All his CD's sold out at the concert, so I got them here (CD Baby). Wonderful disc! My new found obsession. Soulful song writing and a voice that is easy on the ears."
- Browneyedgirl (entry on RT fansite)
"Love the song One of these days"
- Kimmie Anderson, FL
"Sometimes when I listen to the radio I think "This is terrible! Why is this on the radio?" When I saw Marc Von Em live I thought "This is awesome, Why isn't this on the radio?"
- Jennifer, New York City
"Free free free, like butterfly wings or summer breezes blowing thru and open window after a long cold winter. You can't help but be caught up in the vibrancy and rhythm of it. If you're not tapping your toes by at least the second or third bar you're either deaf or dead! Its a nice melodic, well balanced sounding album. I never claimed to be a music critic but I like what I like and I most definitely like this."
- Susan Davis, Sydney, Australia
"Became a huge fan in Pittsburgh. Marc is lyrically and musically beautiful! What a great guy, as he pretty much hung out with us after the show outside! Plus he has wonderful eyes! Much luck to you Marc! Your fan forever."
- Melissa Kirkland, PA
"Great sounds and thoughtful lyrics make this CD a must have for the Folk/Rock music lover. It's just that simple!"
- Pimley (entry on marc von em web site)
"I'm a HUGE fan and I have your first two CD's and they are some of my favorite music."
- Kristi Dini, Boston, MA